Mt Wellington Community Church


We've had a celebration for 20 years gone by.
We note as we get older that time begins to fly.
So when the years have come and gone what changes do we see?
Some will last a tiny while some for eternity.
We are still placed in here and now (though some have come and gone)
As salt among our neighbours is where we still belong.
Some who then were scarcely born have grown up since and left
While others now are woven in - part of the warp and weft.
So as we sit and contemplate all the coming years
Should we just embroider them with all our hopes and fears?
Or should we leave it to the Lord to helm our little ship
As he has done thus far at quite a healthy clip?
The Lord has a plan that much we know
With detail hidden, still to show.
So best we let Him guide us on the way,
Walk hand in hand, so we don't go astray.