Mt Wellington Community Church


Gifts and Promises - but maybe not how we might expect them to be.

It's amazing how often people start something that blesses God and others eventually see it flourish, (especially when there's nobody around to tell them they can't do it!). Last night I went to a fundraising dinner after some Christian friends invited me. I knew a little about their mission organisation, so when they asked I said yes without hesitating. During the evening we were taught more about their organisation who build schools in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In their beginning they found half the pupils, supposedly on the roll, weren't in school a lot of the time (sound slightly familiar?). Why? Because, unlike Mt Wellington, these kids were out walking, and carrying because it was their responsibility to bring water home from up to 10km away. Water carrying means hours of commitment so school was taking second place. This organisation realised there was little point in erecting new but empty classrooms until they could find ways to drill wells and distribute water - so they did this first.

I watched as a packed house of not particularly wealthy friends and supporters bought special water drums and bid on auction items. Sure, we knew we'd be asked to buy something if we could and at the same time I saw God bless people who were just willing to come in faith and have enormous fun. These people were able to buy items like expensive travel packages and stunning photographs at half the market value, in turn donated by equally generous people.

He was in this so much more than I ever realised before. All of this started years back by two 12 year old girls who just wanted to raise some money for somebody in Africa who needed it. Makes you think eh?

Brian Saipe