Mt Wellington Community Church


In the beginning people made their own choices. The choices we made weren't so good, so we decided the choice wasn't ours after all. Instead it was the serpent or that woman who made me do it. Later we see people governed by the spirits of their ancestors. We see societies directed by the stars. People dominated by their horoscopes. Are we defined by our DNA? Are we a product of our parents? What will it be next? Governed by intestinal flora? Ruled by Quantum mechanics?

Some of these things may have little or no sway in our lives today, but I'm sure for each of us some of them do, and there are many other forces to contend with as well. But I know the one who has more influence. I know the one who has paid the price to purchase us out of our slavery and buy freedom for all who will accept the free gift. A free gift to be ourselves, to grow into the people He made us to be.