Mt Wellington Community Church


Here we are, a week after Easter. Cyclone Cook came and, for the most part, didn't really amount to anything. It was really interesting. The weather people and the media were talking 'catastrophe' and 'unprecedented' etc . And people listened. Because I didn't listen and drove to Taupo anyway I had the best run I have had for a long time. The weather was ok (a bit of rain here and there) but the roads were very empty for an Easter Thursday. So we had this situation where people heeded the warnings and then got all snarled up on Friday morning instead.

As I pondered on this I thought about the difference between Cyclone Cook and Easter. For centuries before Easter God had been telling his people that Jesus, the Messiah, was coming. He didn't talk in code or anything else. But what the people expected (and wanted) was not what they got and so they didn't accept it. All the warnings and all the fulfilment of scriptures was either ignored or not believed.

So my question today is: will you believe? God has said that eternal life is ours, here and now if we believe and accept. He has said that we will never walk alone if we believe and accept. Will you believe?