Mt Wellington Community Church


Every three years, the country goes through the process of voting for their school Boards of Trustees. This year has been an election year, and most schools will now be finding out who the elected members are. Parents have been given a chance to stand up and represent their community by governing the school their tamariki attend. I hope that every eligible person here voted and gave their children the best they could.

This can be a time of great uncertainty for schools because new faces appear, and there may be no proven track record of the elected. This happens when many existing board members do not stand for reelection. Team dynamics are complex, and most people come with a specific agenda in mind of how they want the school to run. Personality clashes can occur as different people try to get their voice heard.

Governance is not something which everyone finds comes naturally, but everyone has something to bring. The collective role of the board can be a shock to those who join it with the intention of changing some particular aspect of the school. However, unity - not uniformity - is key. A school is an organisation which needs to work together if it is to be successful. Much like the church.

As we have been learning about in the Acts, God's church has been called to make Jesus known. We are to be unified in this mission together, even though we are diverse in our approach. We are called to make ourselves available, and to do the work that God has asked us to do.

Thank you Lord for sending us your Holy Spirit, and please continue to empower us to do your work selflessly.