Mt Wellington Community Church


Sometimes we just need to face the facts.  Sometimes feelings are wrong, especially in the light of absolute real and verifiable facts.

Why am I saying this?  Well because, in my mind I am still young and healthy.  But despite how I think and feel the reality is my 24 year old son got engaged last week.  For goodness sake it was only a couple of years ago - well so it seems - that I was watching him play soccer as a 5 year old. Where did those years go? He got older but I didn't - but I did.

And today is a bad day for my hips.  They have hurt since I got up and the pain shows no sign of abating anytime soon.  Seriously! - only old people get bad hips!

So here I sit old and gammy lol, or so I think.  But once again this is not reality.  I have a good many years ahead of me and I am looking forward to being one of those terrible grandfathers who laughs a lot and spoils the grandkids - lets them, nay encourages them, to eat ice cream and chocolate biscuits when they come to visit.

So what?  Well today is the only day I have today (profound I know :-) ) and I can choose to live it with God or I can worry about the future or bemoan the past - but that's not going to help.  One of my favourite verses is John 10:10 where Jesus says that the thief (Satan) comes to rob and destroy but He (Jesus) comes to give us a full life - not a pain free life, not a perfect life but a full life.  Let's enjoy our lives in Christ and live in His Spirit which he has given generously to us.