Mt Wellington Community Church


The other day I stumbled across a movie on TV where the main character discovers that he has the ability to teleport.  "Teleporting" involves disappearing from one place and instantly appearing in another place.  I only watched for a few minutes, but basically it looked like he just had to close his eyes, visualise the place that he wanted to teleport to, and then he would suddenly appear in that place.  So once he had caught a glimpse of the inside of a bank vault, he teleported himself into the vault, picked up the money, and teleported himself (and the money) back to his bedroom!

Teleporting is an amazing concept.  As long as you know about a place, you can go there - you have unlimited access.

But here's why I reckon prayer is even more amazing.  If you know about a person, or a situation, you can have an effect on them or it by praying.  Whether it's your brother, your mother, your classmate, your friend, your neighbour, your mayor, your workmate, your elders, a celebrity, a world leader, a stranger standing on the footpath.  You won't be physically taken to them but they (or the situation you're praying about) will be brought front and centre before the King of Kings, whether they realise that or not.  Is that cooler than teleporting?  With James 5:17-18 in mind I'd say yes!

Even if we don't know about the person or situation, our prayers can still have a massive effect - check out Romans 8:26.  Prayer has more reach than any missile ever developed.

Let's rain down prayer on Sharnika this week as she continues to live out her faith day to day.  And let's pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests (Eph 6:18a).