Mt Wellington Community Church


(could be sung to any 7676D tune)

The church is not a building; it's those who worship You 
and that's not just on Sundays, it's all the year through. 

So who then are the people who bring to You their praise?
They were the lost and lonely You've saved from sin's dark ways. 

Life down here is a battle of forces good and ill
and Christ came down from heaven Your promise to fulfil.

He did that as He loves us. There was no other way.
The penalty was death - and someone had to pay.

And so we bring him thanks and praise for all he's done.
The penalty paid once on Calvary by his son.

We come here and remember that final sacrifice
That if we just accept it 'twill save our very lives.

This gift is not exclusive it's free for anyone
But we do need to tell them - to Him they need to come.

So as we go out, in Auckland, at home, at work, at play,
Please help us to remember to pass it on each day.