Mt Wellington Community Church


I have been looking recently at Matthew's retelling of what happened to Judas' 30 pieces of silver. The high priests admitted it was blood money (innocent blood) so they could not give it to God; Instead they spent it on "good works", a cemetery for foreigners. Many people benefited from the spilling of Jesus' blood who never even realised it. For example; the loved ones of those foreigners who died in Jerusalem and were buried in the potter's field had the benefit received from Jesus' innocent blood.

Our way of life in the western world (whether you acknowledge Jesus or not) is built upon that same poured out blood. That clear reality of social good is a pale shadow of the real value of Jesus's innocent blood.

Jesus' blood has been a blessing and continues to be a blessing to those who do not know him or do not want to know him. How much greater a blessing it is for those who do know him.