Mt Wellington Community Church


My mind has been much on the plight of refugees over the last few weeks after the deaths of the 39 in the truck in England.

Why do people leave the land of their birth? There seem to be three main reasons.

1) Famine / crop failure, this was the reason Jacob and his family left home for Egypt.

2) War and persecution, the reason for Syrian refugees and Christians from Middle Eastern countries and India - and probably China where persecution of Christians has heated up lately. Jesus and his family fall into this group; they fled from Herod down to Egypt.

3) Economic refugees, those who think the grass is greener in other countries. Maybe some people from the Middle America's heading for the U.S. fall into this class, maybe those in the truck.

How do we view refugees? As those that the Lord loves and desires for his kingdom? Our prayers go with Abbey and Russell as they head to Lesvos that Greek Island that is crammed full of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. We pray that God will build his church from amongst them.