Mt Wellington Community Church


Last night I was watching Nigel Latta's latest documentary series "Tackling the Hard Stuff". I got rather enthralled, and ended up observing three episodes.

Using these series, Nigel is able to present a lot of insight in a thoroughly engaging manner (I highly recommend watching it) and it got me thinking about retirement. Working in my role at the BNZ, I also get a lot of insight into the spending and saving behaviour of NZers. When bringing everything together, it is clear that we think too much of the present, and do not plan well for the future.

Young people use the line YOLO (you only live once) as a way of avoiding thinking about this. Even sometimes, as Christians, we use the excuse that Christ told us, "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries of its own" (Matthew 6:34a).

It is clear that both of these lines have been taken out of their true context. While Christ is telling us not to worry about the future, this is not saying that we should not plan for the future. St Paul in his letters to the early churches makes it clear that we are preparing for, competing and striving towards, our future prize - eternal life with God. If we can learn to delay our gratification today and instead, use today's actions to progress towards our end goal, then we will ultimately reap the rewards. This message is true, regardless of whether we are thinking of our long term financial future, or taking an eternal perspective of things.

The future is uncertain, but we can trust that giving our time, energy, talents and money to God's people, and towards his mission, will bear fruit.

How can we be good with the gifts that God has given us?