Mt Wellington Community Church


Can you guess what is the most common Bible passage read out at weddings?  And the chapter that is the most popular to give to the newly married, whether they are Christian or not.  Yes, it's 1st Corinthians 13. (Look it up right now if you have momentarily forgotten what it says).

Perhaps those who read this chapter displayed in people's houses don't realise it's from the Bible, or that the Love talked about is not romantic love as some may think, but love for your neighbour, for all mankind. 

I have the words where I can see them when I wake up in the morning.  As I procrastinate getting out of bed I read them, but keep getting stuck right at the beginning: 'Love is patient.'

Love (for all mankind) is patient.  Enduringly patient.  I find it hard to be patient.  Patience is slow; I speak fast, and like to see plans happen quickly. Patience is hope and humility, it is perseverance with people even when there seems to be no change for the better, when we seem to be going around the same mountain again and again.  It is not expecting things to happen in our own timeframe.  It is recognising our own selfishness and pushing it away.

It is taking a deep breath and refocusing yet again on the Great Example: God is compassionate, gracious and slow to anger.  Since God is Love, He is also patient towards us.  He is the Great Example of the patience of love.