Mt Wellington Community Church


What gets you out of bed every morning? What is the fire that drives you each day?

Sometimes when I wake, and hear the kids arguing - I wonder. There's not much fire then (or perhaps fire of a different kind!).

A passion of mine is mathematics; it doesn't take long for people to realise that. I studied it. I work in it.  I talk about it all the time. And I even have a number of t-shirts with it on. My philosophy of mathematics has changed as life has gone on, but it's still mathematics.

More than that, I have a passion for sharing mathematics with others - hence the t-shirts. Mathematical knowledge helps us to understand scientific relationships, it helps to understand human behaviour, and of course it helps with managing finances.

Ironically, I don't get to talk about maths all that much. I have to meet people where they are at - and many people just don't like maths. In reality, a lot just don't understand it, and they are easily put off.

I think that the same is true of Jesus. I have a passion for Jesus. I have lived with him thirty years. I study him in the bible. I had the odd t-shirt, and my philosophy of Christianity has changed a lot over time. But, it's still Jesus.

I don't share Jesus as much now as I used to - even though Jesus also helps us to understand human behaviour, and challenges us with how we manage our finances.

I have to meet people where they are at - and many people just don't like Jesus. I need to keep in mind that mostly people don't understand him, and I need to be careful not to put them off.  

Thank you Lord for your example of living an upside-down life, and please give us the courage to do your work selflessly.