Mt Wellington Community Church


One night a few weeks ago, I watched a guest speaker and pastor at Liberty University's Convocation describe a very difficult time in his own life when so many people around him seemed to be under attack. In the middle of it all a friend rang to ask how he was. After the friend had listened he promised to send something over night that would help.

In the morning a package arrived. Much to the disappointment of the pastor it contained a CD of one his own sermons. The realisation hit that he needed to listen again, believe and act on what he had been preaching from Isaiah 54:4:

"Do not be afraid; you will not suffer shame."

For me, in the midst of a very testing time for the Trust it was great to hear of a very encouraging response from a potential financier of the church redevelopment project and Russell's story of what had lead to this.

Graham Cooke, author of "the Art of Thinking Brilliantly" says that mind of Christ is the most powerful, brilliant and amazing way of thinking from heaven to earth and that we are to learn to engage with that mind though the Holy Spirit.

I'm hoping that the Trust will see something like Graham's experience's of God's great favour emerging from what seems like very strong opposition. How about you?

Brian Saipe