Mt Wellington Community Church


A role that refuses to be affected by technological or societal change. There have never been performance objectives or data analytics applied to their role. It will never get automated out of existence. It has never come with a job description,  KPIs, or operational manuals. Most importantly, it has never come with any decent financial reward - mostly a lot of pain.

We can all acknowledge that we need mothers - at one time or another we've been completely dependent on them; but, we've never shown them enough love. We're always quick to judge their actions, and while we try to buy them gifts in thanks, it is in no way enough for their decades of sacrifice.

The reality is that our mothers may be the most beautiful, concrete, everyday example of God's love for us. Unconditional, free and gracious. Their love is encouraging and hopeful, mostly patient and generally kind.

Mothers are not perfect; but they want to do the best they can for their children