Mt Wellington Community Church


Most mornings I walk in Cornwall park weather permitting. There is the distant hum of the city as well as machinery in the park. But what I enjoy hearing most is the sound of the birds in the trees. They are all different from the loud almost screeching sound of the magpie to the beautiful birdsong of the Tui and chirping of the sparrow. There are other bird sounds as well but I don't know them. Sometimes the noise of the city can drown out the beautiful sounds of the birds.

In our lives there can be a lot of unnecessary noise that are distracting. They can stop us from hearing what God is saying to us.

What we need to do is tune our ears to His voice. To do this we also need to be connected to him. Take our frustrations, our doubts and fears our praise to Him. It requires an action on our part and a willingness to be actively listening.