Mt Wellington Community Church


Another great week of mission and ministry with our Kidz@One holiday programme. We had a great bunch of kids with a good balance of regular and new kids. One of the things that Tania and I enjoy and are encouraged by is seeing the growth and development of the kids coming through. There have been kids for years come through the ranks into junior leadership then into youth group and then into church and with some along the way coming into the family of God.

Our group of junior leaders were again outstanding; from year 9 through to University age. This year 4 of them (Rodney, Ariana, Abbey & Campbell) ran our LifeTime (Devotion) sessions. They each talked about what God means to each of them and how he influences their every day lives. Also they taught a memory verse to everyone; it was amazing to hear and see them sharing their faith. K@1 is good for our youth to develop their servant nature and be involved in Christian ministry.

These holidays we had around 26 kids and 15 junior leaders. Please continue to pray for all the children that come through our K@1 holiday programme. For some of them this is the only Christian influence/input that they have. The parents know that we are Christians and are very happy for their children to be part of us. Next year, 3 of our current kids could possibly be junior leaders... Thanks to Tania, Max and all our junior leaders for a great week.

Talking about mission and ministry, I mentioned a few weeks ago, Gillian, Ariana and I will be taking a short term mission team to Kenya. It will be for 3 weeks leaving at the beginning of January or end of December. If you are interested talk to Gillian or I. Arohanui.