Mt Wellington Community Church


I don't know about you, but I am sensing a real move of God in our faith community. There are so  many exciting things happening and, sadly, some not so good things.  

The good things are the current "Thy Kingdom Come" initiative and the wonderful prayer times each  evening. Another great thing is the engagement with the  Te  Ao  Ngakau community  centre by both  people from the community and people from the church. It is inspirational to see and a wonderful  confirmation from God that the decision we collectively made to start the  centre was the right thing.  This whole 'listening to God' thing really works.  

The major thing that sits heavy on my heart is  Maranatha and her health. It was great yesterday to  be able to fast and pray for her (and  Uwia and the boys). But in the midst of this I have been  encouraged by the incredible love and support that has been shown to the Pauli family. I am so  proud of the way the church has responded and I want to thank you all and I ask that you please  keep praying for them all.