Mt Wellington Community Church


Mondays Herald featured an article by Matt Heath labelled "Why I'm sick of being an atheist it's stressful."

He finished it with

"Let's come together on common ground and enjoy what God has given us so early this year; a Monday off work."

At least he gives God the credit for this Easter holiday.  Our God is a God of celebration.  There are an amazing number of holidays (holy days) prescribed in the book of Deuteronomy for Israel - maybe to make up for the years of slavery in Egypt.

We Googled to see how many annual holidays the country of Israel has today and while they have only about the same number of statutory days off as we do, add in the observances and the number jumps to over 30.  That's beside the weekly Shabbat (Sabbath) when no shops are open.

Maybe our Scottish background leaves us feeling guilty about not working all the time;  but let us enjoy our celebrations this year and celebrate with God His historic work of redemption that Christ completed on the cross for the world.