Mt Wellington Community Church


I've been reading "Faith and Flames", a book about the Reformation in the 1500's. Wow!  What a crazy, chaotic time to live! In the reign of King Henry the 8th alone, the state religion switched back and forth four times between the dominant Catholic tradition, and the new Protestants.

Each time it was changed there were complete law changes, arrests for being on the wrong side, entire groups of people fleeing for their lives, smashing of altars and sometimes whole churches. Worse, each time there were a huge number of casualties, many of the leaders of both sides were tortured, burnt alive or hung, drawn and quartered.

People were willing to die horrible deaths to fight for what they believed in, and condemn others to torture and death as well.  How would we have acted if we lived in that time?

Thanks to the people who fought for this, we are now lucky enough to be able to read the Bible in our own heart-language.   Today - read God's word, let it dwell in your heart and your mind, and spare a little prayer for those people who worked so hard (and in many countries still do) so that we can listen to the Word of God.