Mt Wellington Community Church


It is likely that there have been almost as many different variations of father as there have been fathers. What is, or was, your father like? I suspect that whatever the answer, however much we might have admired ours, none of us is an exact clone (copy) of our father (and may well not want to be). That will be, at least partly, due to the world changing from generation to generation. Whether, at one end of the spectrum, we greatly admired our fathers or, at the other, considered that they left a great deal to be desired, inevitably we will have adopted some of their characteristics. Some of that may be because half our jeans were inherited from them but quite possibly more is from growing up in their shadows. My forefathers, for the four generations that I can trace, were hands-on people generally involved in making things.

My father died suddenly when he was 48 and I was still a teenager. But I venture to suggest that his influence on me continues quite strongly to this day.

Many people are not so lucky; they either don't have a father who set a good example or maybe not one that they ever even knew. There must be many people around my age whose fathers went off to the war and never came back.

We do, however, have another father - our father in heaven. While he is not going to up and leave us or die on us, many of us find him harder to know than a flesh and blood father down here. But he did send his son Jesus Christ to (among other things) provide a living example and a tangible link.

Romans 8:16 & 17 tells us "... that we are the children of God: and if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ ..."