Mt Wellington Community Church


I don't know if anyone else has been following the Presidential debates, but I watched the first one and then the "highlights" from the second one. The personality of Donald Trump, as he trumpets his way around the stage is something I find difficult to fathom. To my mind, he appears to be somewhat sociopathic.

What I truly fail to understand though is his totally unsubstantiated sense of entitlement. In actual fact, he inherited a huge amount of wealth, made some pretty sub-average decisions, squandered a heap of his money (resulting in six bankruptcies), stepped on everyone he met, and basically said and did whatever he wanted. Yet, he still believes that he should be exempt from any kind of judgement.

Privilege breeds privilege.

So, where am I going with this? As a middle class person living in one of the most desirable countries in the world, I am more similar than I would care to recognise. The same misguided sense of entitlement fills my life. I look down on foolish decisions that others make in their lives. I experience frustration with minor inconveniences to my life, and yet downplay major events that happen in the lives of others.

Fundamentally, I am suffering from the sin of pride (along with hundreds of millions of other people), because I think that I'm a pretty good person.

Jesus came and atoned for our sins, but ironically I feel entitled to the riches I have inherited through Christ.

My prayer at this time, is that we would understand the depth and extent of God's love, and what it really means… and also that the American public would vote rationally.