Mt Wellington Community Church


Elevate Christian Disability Trust's National Camp is a major event on the calendar for a significant number of people with disabilities around New Zealand. Held each year on Labour Weekend at Totara Springs in Matamata, this camp allows around 300 people to participate in Christian community and worship to the fullest extent that they are able, in a place where all are welcomed and the lines between ability and disability can fade away and become almost irrelevant.

Each year the ministry is seeking people to come along as 'Buddies' who will be friends with and support specific people through the weekend. I would like to lead a group from MWCC to be a part of this ministry this year. This is an opportunity for everyone, not just young people, and is an amazing opportunity to be involved in ministry and see God working in the lives of people - including your own.

As with many mission opportunities this comes at a cost - $190 for an adult over the age of 14 if paid by August 20th, or $210 after that point. As such, alongside looking for people who would be willing to serve in this ministry, we are looking for people willing to help with sponsorship to enable others to serve.

Please contact me if you would like to join me at Elevate's National Camp, or sponsor others to serve in this way.

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