Mt Wellington Community Church


Getting Egypt out of us

I've recently been teaching the story of Moses for Bible in schools and I've begun to realise that our God is an amazingly detailed planner - everything he does has a purpose.  He is not a God who does things at random.

Take the plagues he sent upon the Egyptians.  It seems he was sending very strong messages that he was more powerful than their gods.  Google tells me that Anuket and Hapi were god and goddess of the Nile. They were fertility gods so turning it into blood made it useless to them.  Probably this was the reason the princess bathed in the Nile - she desperately wanted a baby. Heket was the goddess of frogs - another of the plagues.  Ra was the sun god.  The plague of darkness was a slap in the face for him.  There was also a snake god and Moses' snake ate up all the magicians' snakes.

Once Moses and his people left Egypt, it took them only a day or two to get out of Pharaoh's clutches.  But it took God 40 years to get Egypt out of the Hebrews.  How like our Christian experience is that?!  Our conversion experience to follow God may be rapid but the process of sanctification (becoming like Christ) may take a lifetime.

Most of you will have been watching the athletes in the Olympic Games.  I have marvelled at God's design of the human body and its ability to do amazing things - especially the gymnasts - not to mention the runners, rowers and pole-vaulters.  Yet all around us we see deformity, disabilities, disease, suffering, old age and death - the result of sin and the curse.

The beauty of the physical world around us is another example of God's detailed design.  The sun and moon - exactly the right distance away so we neither freeze nor fry, and tides clean our beaches twice a day.  The thin layer of atmosphere around the world seemed so fragile in the first video of "The Long Story Short".  It is no wonder that man can, and is, damaging it by upsetting its fine tuning.  God restarted and redesigned the world once after Noah's flood.  And he's going to need to do it again.  He promised us a future new heaven and new earth.  But meantime we are to look after the one we've got.