Mt Wellington Community Church


Jesus was no knight in shining armour.

He didn't zap this planet like some religious Mr. Muscle or fly around in this Batmobile demanding that we listen. No, God chose a humble start for his human project. He chose our kind of people as parents for his son.

Certain things about god are easy to believe - designer of the cosmos, creator of the world, almighty, all powerful, in control. But a God who is absolutely crazy about us? That's a tough one. But that is what Christmas means!

Jesus was no afterthought. He came after thousands of years of careful planning. And long before he came, he had made planets, stars and molecules...trees, snowflakes and whistling birds... blazing suns, music and every shade of colour.

Ours is a visited planet. That's what Xmas says. The Bethlehem baby came from beyond the universe to invade our world. He was born uniquely... He lived incredibly...He died terribly...And then (hold on to your hats) he came back!

He is toasted in every cup of christmas cheer... and every grin on a kids' grubby face as a sign that he's here.

Oh come let us adore him

Lindsey & Marion
"Stolen" from John Cooney (Grapevine)