Mt Wellington Community Church


How old were you when you became a follower of Jesus?

My Nana was 82 but that's pretty unusual. Most people become Christians when they are children. A survey done last year by SUNZ (Scripture Union New Zealand) found that 51% of churches in New Zealand have fewer than 20 children (aged 0 to 12). At MWCC we have 17. So the majority of people become Christians as children but the majority of NZ churches have fewer than 20 children.

That got me thinking. What can we do as a church to draw in more kids? What can we do to support the ministries we already have to children outside the church, like Kidz@1 and Bible in Schools? How can we encourage our church kids to invite their friends to church events?

In three weeks - on Sunday 18 August - Thunder Mountain is leading the church service. Our kids will be on the Welcome, 123 Prayer, preaching and communion so it will be a very relaxed, family-friendly service. Do you know a family with kids who you could invite to that service?

The work MWCC does reaching out to adults in our community is really important. But if most people become Christians as children then reaching the kids in our community is even more important. I don't think it needs to be either/or but we do need to be intentional about making kids feel welcome at our place.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes to pray, asking God how we can draw more children to MWCC because if nothing changes, in a year's time we'll be down to 14 kids and I'm definitely not planning on having any more!