Mt Wellington Community Church


During our time in the UK we visited 4 cathedrals. Westminster Abbey, Lincoln Cathedral, Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool and Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. All of them are spectacular buildings with amazing architecture and stunning stained glass. The metropolitan cathedral is Catholic and under it is a crypt that holds treasures and vessels, encrusted in gems and made of silver and gold. Liverpool Cathedral is the largest in the UK and it is breath-taking. Both the cathedrals in Liverpool are relatively new compared to Westminster Abbey and Lincoln Cathedral both being around a thousand years.

In Lincoln we stayed with the Matthews family. They lived in Fiji for 6 years in the 70's and attended our church. They are Scottish and have a great sense of humour. During their 6 years in Fiji they made a huge impact on our family as well as the church. They became part of our family and we became part of theirs. Those bonds that were created over 40 years ago are as strong as when I knew them as a child. John just sat and listened as Gordan and Margaret and their daughter Alison and I talked about Fiji and the people we all knew.

And then we have MWCC. Not a cathedral but a church. The body of Christ. We are all at different stages in our lives and can have an impact on those around us in different ways. As we age and go through different stages with our families, our relationships also change. This isn't necessarily a negative but a fact of life. There are many in MWCC who are already having a big impact on people in the church as well as the community. In years to come you may look back and remember those who had an influence on your life, just like the Matthews family did in my life. The question remains what influence are you having on those around you?