Mt Wellington Community Church


Cardboard. It's a pain - something to put in the recycling. Something to discard. But not here at the camp. Here cardboard is a precious commodity. I have seen fist fights over a carton that the food comes in. Cardboard!

I have seen here things that have altered my perspective on a lot of things. I have seen the very best of human nature and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. I've also seen petty cruelty, outright cruelty. I've seen depression and hardship, discrimination and hatred. But in it all - there is this incredible indomitable spirit that God gave mankind.

So what have I learned…

  • The world is not fair.
  • The things we struggle with in the west are nonsense - we have lost perspective
  • People are awesome
  • People are awful
  • A smile with kind eyes conveys so much and is universal.

And I know why God has a special heart for widows and orphans and refugees.

It has been a bit different from what I expected. We have been working 13 hour days 7 days a week since we landed (except for me who got sick and have had 2.5 days off - slacker!!)

The work is hard, it is physical and it is emotional. You have to make hard choices. You have to deny some and it doesn't seem fair but there are rules that need to be followed and if you don't, chaos ensues. Saying "no" doesn't come easy.

The team that are here want to come back - that is how this place and people affect you.

When you read this I will be in Athens not far of heading home.

Thanks for praying. We really needed it.