Mt Wellington Community Church


5 more sleeps!

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  • Concert?

As a family, we had many reasons of not going camping last year.

We aren't campers and hadn't been to one before. Despite all the justified reasons we could have, we chose to try it out and did attend [Symbol]. Our first experience was an enjoyable, welcoming, relaxed one and since then we had been looking forward to this year's family camp.

Change at times can be difficult, uncomfortable and challenging but at the same time can bring new experiences, joy and widen our horizon.

Psalm 34:8 says "taste and see that the Lord is good". Without taste, flavour is ineffective. For some of us tasting new flavours can be hard, unappetising and daunting. For my family, it was camping and now we've developed an appetite by participating and tasting its flavour.

My prayer is that as a church community we will be open to taste new flavours and embrace what God has laid out for us at MWCC this year.