Mt Wellington Community Church


Kia toa! Kia maia! | Be bold! Be brave!

In my last comment I mentioned how the team I lead at work needed a vision. How true that is! Since then, I have discovered that one of the keys to realising that vision is bravery. There is much mahi to be done, and many conversations needed to be had to ensure that vision could be realised.

Ironically, it was my son Logan who has been my inspiration for this. Personality clashes within families are common, and most people know that Logan and I often don't see eye to eye - but he and I do both learn. And I have seen how his passion and zest for life have enabled him to succeed.

This entire year has been one of making bold steps for me. It has been a challenging one, where I have had to rely on God many times in all aspects of my life; but then humanly failed to rely on him. He has expected me to stand up (E tū e hoa), step out, and to give more of my time, my energy, my talents and my money. There were many times that I couldn't do it.

MWCC have a bold vision for our community - buoyed by the desires of the community itself. We would like to do God's work by making a centre which meets the needs of his people. However, we are also aware that we cannot do this on our own. Our own finances and resources will not be sufficient. We will need support; we will need to borrow; we will need to rely on the talents and abilities of others; but most importantly we will need to rely on God.

As we heard last week, the Christmas story is an explosive message which brings hope to the entire world. The problem with explosions is that they are out of control - stuff that we expect to happen happens, but also stuff that we don't expect. Hope is bold and it is brave. Are we willing to accept that brave sometimes hurts?

"God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind" 2 Timothy 1:7