Mt Wellington Community Church


I have loved going through the book of Luke this year. I know it has had a profound effect on many of us as it has reinforced our commitment as a faith community to Jesus' words and God's heart about the marginalised and excluded.

Sometimes we think that only the gifted, the competent and the trained can be Christ to those around us. That is takes soemthing special to be able to show mercy and grace to others.

On Friday I had the privilege of going to Barry's home in McRae road. Barry lives in an IHC home with 4 others, one of whom is usually quite ill.

I want to tell you about Barry. Barry is a legend! Barry is loved at the home where he lives and the caregivers appreciate all that he is and does. They comment about (and I have seen it with my own eyes while visiting) how Barry gets alongside those who are really unwell (usually terminally ill).

He gets his children's Bible and he sits and reads to them. Just quietly. Doesn't make a big fuss and telling everyone he is going to do it - he just does it. Barry is an inspiration. He is living proof that God can use all of us - no matter whether we think we are good enough or not. Barry is full of compassion and lives God's grace to those around him.

Make yourself available and God will make you able.

Thank you Barry for the richness you bring to MWCC and for living the reality of Jesus' example to us in Luke that we should care for everyone - especially those that cannot repay us.

I love MWCC