Mt Wellington Community Church


मैं अभी दूर हूँ, जल्द ही मिलते हैं (Main abhee door hoon, jald hee milate hain) which according to Google translate is "I'm off now, see you soon". When you are reading this I will be on my way to Bangalore to look at some reach beyond projects there and to talk with partners.

It is going to be warm (about 28 degrees) and wet. It seems like it is the monsoon season - ohh the joys!! We are also going to a place called Vellor (2 hours by train from Bangalore) and it will be my first experience on Indian railways so that will be fun.

The last time I was in India (9 years ago) God really spoke to me. I visited a man, T Raja, who ran a home for people left to die on the streets. It was a ministry that I felt was actually God on earth. T Raja would drive around picking up bodies (people barely alive) and take them back to his compound. The love, care and compassion that T Raja showed for the people he found or were brought to him was inspirational.

Broken disfigured people who had been literally dropped and shunned by society were treated with dignity and cared for in the most humane of ways at his compound. I had never seen such destitution and such restoration. As I was thinking of this it reminded me of us. Whilst we were not left to die on the physical streets we were broken and destitute Spiritually before we met Jesus. God's redemptive plan is one of restoration and completeness and it made possible by Jesus. Praise his Holy name.

Rom 7:24 & 25  Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death?  Thanks be to God, who delivers [rescues] me through Jesus Christ our Lord!