Mt Wellington Community Church


A few weeks ago, I wrote of 2 Corinthians and how God is able to show us his grace in our weakness and trials (v9-10). Since then, I have been housebound with the exciting and draining miracle of pregnancy which has been more testing than I ever imagined. Paul wrote that he 'delights' in his weakness because it allows for God to step in and show His strength; struggling with this same passage with a slightly different application than the last time I read it, I have been struggling with the delight, but I have been able to seek God's strength, through prayer.

I have had a lot of time to think, and when asking for prayer in this hard time, found myself not asking for healing, but peace and wisdom. Asking for something other than the obvious, was something I learnt from 2 Chronicles when Solomon was given an offer by God to "Ask for whatever you want me to give you" (v7). Solomon did not ask for material wealth, but instead for wisdom and knowledge that would make him the best leader for his people. As many of us know, material wealth was also given, but it was inspiring for me to think that Solomon did not think it was the most necessary gift for leadership. In a similar way, healing from this horrible nausea and vomiting during pregnancy would be the obvious and preferred state in which to live, but not necessarily the best for this pregnancy, however much I would like it to be so. Instead, wisdom to make proper choices in this hard time, and a peace to lighten the load, are gifts I could use for any subsequent pregnancies or sicknesses and of a greater value than feeling good enough to cook a meal. I still pray for relief but, knowing it might be necessary for the pregnancy, appreciate that some things are more important than the obvious.

In hard times what do you ask of God?