Mt Wellington Community Church


Today many of us will be reflecting, reminiscing and honouring woman in our lives. Woman who have either nurtured, mentored, counselled, listened or perhaps just being there for us.

For me, being adopted in my late teens, I experienced for the first time acceptance, love and hope. It was my mum who nurtured me in the truths of the Word of God and to believe that there is a God who is always with me no matter where I am in life. He is my Hope.

Through Jesus we all have been adopted into God's family. Isaiah 9 v 6 describes Jesus as a Wonderful Counsellor. Jesus our Counsellor also nurtures, mentors, counsellors and is always available for us without condemnation 24/7. He is our everlasting comforter and protector. In addition to this, Psalm 91 v 4 states that He will cover us with His feathers. He will shelter us with His wings. His faithful promises are our armour and protection. 

What an encouragement, promise and hope that we have an everlasting Counsellor and Protector. Jesus our Lord.