Mt Wellington Community Church


I love a great opening line.

When I read Kevin Leman's dedication of his book ('The Way of the Wise') "To all who question God and wonder where they fit in life's grid. I think that covers just about all of us" I thought 'I'm in'.

Then I found some stuff I didn't expect, like the 'God is not your Copilot' chapter. It says that understanding Proverbs 3:6 (In all your ways acknowledge him) means, amongst other things, letting go of asking God to prove who he says he is, e.g.

"If you're God please prove it by getting me out of this mess/ changing my spouse/ finding my lost child/ healing my loved one"

Rather to acknowledge God, we have to act, instead of waiting for the thunderbolt from the sky.

I pray that we bear good fruit from acknowledging that he is who he says he is.

God bless you.