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05 November 2017

Exams are upon us! For a lot of students this is such a stressful time. Like anything, if you have left it all until right now, things are going to be really tough. The reason it is called cramming is because you are trying to cram all this foreign information in that has not been drip fed into your hard-drive over the year. It is like trying to hold on to lots of slippery things at once and... Continue Reading →


29 October 2017

On Friday night we had the Friday Frenzy crew around at our place for the ‘entree’ course of their progressive dinner. (I am sure they must have been totally full after having had 5 courses throughout the evening.) It was a real pleasure to host them and the leaders... Continue Reading →


22 October 2017

I've been listening to some interesting podcasts from the creators of the Bible Project. There was one conversation that particularly attracted my attention; here's a short review. Michael Sandel, a Harvard law professor, identified 3 visions of "Justice". Any given person will generally lean towards one of these views of justice... Continue Reading →


15 October 2017

Those of you on the email list will know that the TM house was broken into on Monday night. Unfortunately they ransacked the place, pulling everything out of cupboards and going through stuff looking for valuables and cash... Continue Reading →


08 October 2017

They say that “An ounce of praise is worth a ton of criticism”. In case you are a bit scratchy on old imperial weights and measures, I have done the calculation for you and (assuming that whoever made the original measurement was using long tons and avoirdupois ounces rather than troy ounces) it works out that praise is 35,840 times more effective than criticism... Continue Reading →


01 October 2017

Genesis 1: 31. God saw all that he had made and it was very good. Over the last few months our family have become very intentional about recycling and reducing our waste. It has been amazing how many products come wrapped in soft plastic. Since separating the soft plastics we have reduced our weakly rubbish significantly. It has been an eye opening experience... Continue Reading →


24 September 2017

Congratulations, and lead well for our country! I am not sure if you are happy or sad with who is now leading our country... Continue Reading →


17 September 2017

I have been reading from the book of Proverbs – partly because it's the topic for the Bible in Schools lesson I'm doing at the moment... Continue Reading →


10 September 2017

One of my favourite psalms is Psalm 139. I am encouraged by God’s amazing love and knowledge of me and especially verse 14 “…because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Continue Reading →


20 August 2017

Everyone's 'marathon' in life will be unique. God says “I know the plans I have for you” and “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” David writes: “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths”. No-one else can run the same path, and I am not designed to run theirs... Continue Reading →


13 August 2017

Thankfully children are so forgiving. After many years absence, I am full time mothering again, a job I once excelled at. Well, while it's not something you forget... Continue Reading →


06 August 2017

The NZ Herald and has been running a series of articles on suicide. On the 28th of July they published a letter to the editor pointing out (among other things) that "the absence of faith produces people who have no resources to fall back on and no sense that the experiences of life have purpose or meaning."... Continue Reading →


30 July 2017

Life can be difficult sometimes. The busy world that we live in can be overwhelming and stressful and sometime it feels like nothing is going right... Continue Reading →


23 July 2017

Well. After a very long time of planning, constructing, dealing with council and paying huge bills we have finally moved into our new home. And it is beautiful. Warm and designed just the way we wanted it. But... Continue Reading →


16 July 2017

This week I have been reflecting on our focus for the year - FAITH. It seems that when we are faced with perplexing issues and troubles in our lives we ponder on our personal faith journey and sometimes question our faith. In our, oftentimes, limited thinking and understanding we think there are 2 alternatives... Continue Reading →


09 July 2017

Our current preaching series is "Faith and ...". In these sermons we're hoping to see how faith fits with our experience of life, especially in areas of life where maybe faith seems like it doesn't fit, or where we have "faith blindspots". Faith and action: how should faith affect my daily actions? And how do actions affect my faith? Faith and reason: is it necessary to switch off my brain to have faith? Is "faith or science" a choice I have to make? Faith and failure: does having faith mean never failing? Continue Reading →


02 July 2017

Our theme this year is FAITH. The NZ Warriors remind us that we must “Keep” it. Every year after being let down Warriors fans come back and say, “This is our year!”. We all have faith to some degree in something. The chair is not going to break when I sit on it; the sun is going to rise again in the morning... Continue Reading →


25 June 2017

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking the wedding of Jordan and Esme. The whole day was awesome. It was a bit of a family affair for us. Angus was in the wedding party, Ben and Siobhan did the photography and as I said – I took the service. As part of the service Colossians 3:12 - 17 was read. After it was read I gave a short message and here is some of it (modified). There are a couple of institutions... Continue Reading →


18 June 2017

As a church we've recently been focusing on prayer. We received this in an email from my cousin who is working with the Bible translators in Papua New Guinea: "We are so grateful for your prayers. You are sustaining... Continue Reading →


11 June 2017

On Wednesday night, I had the fortune of attending the year's first Maori hui for Stanhope Road School. Two weeks earlier, I was introducing myself to parents at the inaugural Pasifika fono. These are a great opportunity to connect with whanau within the school community... Continue Reading →